Irish Republican Army

Main Weapon: AR-15

Special Weapon: M2 Flamethrower

Explosive: Pipe Bomb

Close Combat Weapon: Slingshot

The Taliban

Main Weapon: AK-47

Special Weapon: RPG-7

Explosive: Land Mine

Close Combat Weapon: Bayonet

On Main Weapon, AR-15 wins, as it is more accurate, has a better rate of fire, and can be used at range, and uses a powerful round, and is good at many ranges. However, Special Weapons shall go to Taliban, as the RPG-7 is less dangerous to use, and can be used at longer range then M2 Flamthrower. Pipe Bomb wins on this one, as it can stick and can be detonated at will, and can take out several troops, while thge Taliban land mine can only take out one and damage the others. Depending on what type of close combat is used, bayonet is strick at can only be used at the closest range possible, while the slingshot can be used at slightly longer range but must hit somewhere in the head and is widely unaccurate, as the bayonet is attached right to the gun and is always ready to use, bayonet wins this one.

Okay so since this one was already tested, take your votes and I'll reveal the answer. If you have already seen this episode, please put what you thought BEFORE the results were shown to you. Please. Thank you! Anyone who can guess how many troops were left on the winning side gets a... NOTHING!!!!! nah just kiddin' they get a lemon slushie! SergantPeter Griffen BoyRadio Operator AwardRibbon

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