Captain Hugo- Assault

Corporal Mercdiv- Engineer

Private First Class Pitrin- Assault

Private Vladin- Recon

Private Flackox- Medic

Chapter 1 The Land

"When we land in the clearing, Mercdeiv, Pritin and I will rush in and take cover along the wall guarding the first American base. Vladin, you will flank the enemy and get behind the enemy lines and use your rifle to take out the pigs. Flackox, just try not to fuck up this time." Hugo said, as his team jumped out of plane, falling. "Flackox, you're landing in American territory, they shall tear you to shreds!" Vladin yelled. "No, I must give my life for mother Russia!" Flackox screamed, pumping down bullets from his PKM, hitting snow and gravel. "You are desertign the battlefield. Land and come back, or I shall kill you myself" Hugo screamed, beggining to land on the ground, his sights at Flackox's head. "Deserter! Flackox! Kill him!" Hugo yelled as bullets rippled into Flacox's head, killing him instantly. "Sir, he was our only medic, if we get hit, we're in trouble!" Pirtrin yelled, reloading his AN-94.

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