1. Call of Duty- One of the most comman games out of there, but Call of Duty seems to always stand out more then Medal of Honor or Halo, and many games attempt to make a Call of Duty game, with minor tweaks. Great single player and genre defining multiplayer, my number one pick.

2. Red Dead- Revolver was a small hit, much like Just Cause, but was one of the most underrated games. Redemption proved more then a Wild West Grand Theft Auto, with a mature singleplayer, and plenty of stuff to do, with many weapons, this game hits as my number two series

3. Legend of Zelda- Although Nintendo has gotten more and more childish, this series still strikes homes, with a classical charachter, the first Fable, if shall say, finding unique treasures and fighting weird and unusually bosses, there should be no doubt why this is ranked number three.

4. BioShock- Well, I will admit graphics are not, and most likely never will be BioShock's strong point. It does have the plasmid and tonics system, which add a lot of variety in singleplayer, and multiplayer just adds even more, with old school to new weapons, you can't put this series down, and this earns itself a four on my list.

5. Madden- Madden has been one of my favorite and most fun football games I have played, controls are easy, gameplay and accurate NFL rosters, number five, go claim Madden!

Now please post yours in a manner as I did

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