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  • PresidentEden78

    After a long wait, one of the most defining expansions of Battlefield 3 is nearly upon us. After having just added more official servers for console players, DICE revealed today the release date for Armored Kill.

    PlayStation 3 players trotting with Premium will be the first to be able to play on these maps on September 4th. Players on the Xbox 360 and PC with Premium will be able to join the fun a week later on September 11th, while PS3 players without Premium wait another week to September 18th to play these maps. Players on the Xbox 360 and PC without a Premium account will have to wait a whopping three weeks behind their Premium-toting PS3 players to join in on the action on September 25th.

    For anyone living under a rock for the past few months, Battl…

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  • PresidentEden78

    Due to an outcry in the community against bad server admins and a lack of being able to find a decent game, DICE added a whole bunch of new servers to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Players can identify the servers by using the manual browser and putting "DICE" as a search term. The servers can also be found as DICE will be in the server host's owner field.

    They have not confirmed any PC servers to be added on Battlelog, but the problem of admins that ban or boot players for being better than them is nowhere near as widespread as on consoles.

    Hopefully with the new swath of servers available, players will be able to find a decent game without being kicked or banned because they are too good for the Admin or don't confine to …

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  • PresidentEden78

    Although it may seem a little late by this point as the month draws to a close, DICE unveiled their premium content for August in one fell swoop.

    This month's set includes an exclusive gameplay video from Armored Kill, a bunch of cool concept art from all over the game's locations, the next Premium-only double XP weekend, and a community contest to pitch a new multiplayer map concept to DICE.

    First up comes the double XP weekend that hits this Saturday and Sunday, August 25th and 26th. DICE added a bonus to this weekend, however, likely as it seems very late in the month compared to their last double XP event. Every 5,000 players who share DICE's Facebook post about the event will increase its length by twelve hours up to a maximum of three d…

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  • PresidentEden78

    Yesterday's outage on Battlelog was not just another service update as it seemed. In a surprising move, DICE announced today that players can now change their loadouts for each of the four kits within Battlelog before jumping in to a game.

    And this feature isn't just for PC players who can only access the game on Battlelog, but it applies for all players on any platform. A cool feature of this is that now you can go and see other player's loadouts on their profiles and copy their loadouts over yours, friend or nemesis.

    It seems like this could make any other future exploits - like the USAS-12 with Frags, the M26 Dart, or the AUG A3 with underbarrel M320 Smoke that have already plagued Battlefield 3 - spread faster, but it will also allow for p…

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  • PresidentEden78

    You may be asking yourself why you're watching a Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer on Battlefield Wiki, the place for everything any anything about the Battlefield Series, but this trailer unveils something new for Battlefield. It unveils Battlefield 4's existence.

    Technically, we've known about Battlefield 4 since Frank Guibeau, President of EA Labels, semi-revealed it during a keynote at the University of Southern California, days after rival FPS Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released. But it's now been confirmed by DICE on a sub-page of the main Battlefield website as well as by Danger Close studios in the video above.

    I'm all for another Battlefield game, but I can't stop thinking if it's too soon for a direct sequel to Battlefield 3. We all k…

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