A look at how players can adjust their loadouts within Battlelog.

Yesterday's outage on Battlelog was not just another service update as it seemed. In a surprising move, DICE announced today that players can now change their loadouts for each of the four kits within Battlelog before jumping in to a game.

And this feature isn't just for PC players who can only access the game on Battlelog, but it applies for all players on any platform. A cool feature of this is that now you can go and see other player's loadouts on their profiles and copy their loadouts over yours, friend or nemesis.

It seems like this could make any other future exploits - like the USAS-12 with Frags, the M26 Dart, or the AUG A3 with underbarrel M320 Smoke that have already plagued Battlefield 3 - spread faster, but it will also allow for players to see what others are using and how they can possibly counter it.

The feature is live as of Battlelog's return this morning, so go try it out now!

UPDATE AT 18:14, August 11, 2012 (UTC):
An anonymous user noted that the L96 has two locked attachments that were added by this feature: a new 20x Ballistic Scope, and a 6x Rifle Scope that is usually reserved for assault rifles, carbines, shotguns, and some light machine guns. I went to check it out before they decided to disappear and got some screenshots of them, as seen below. Click to embiggen.

What do you guys think about these two? Are they a fluke, or will DICE add them in the Bonus Content Drop coming up later this month for Premium users?


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