Some of the concept art that will be made available to Premium members looking for a great new wallpaper.

Although it may seem a little late by this point as the month draws to a close, DICE unveiled their premium content for August in one fell swoop.

This month's set includes an exclusive gameplay video from Armored Kill, a bunch of cool concept art from all over the game's locations, the next Premium-only double XP weekend, and a community contest to pitch a new multiplayer map concept to DICE.


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First up comes the double XP weekend that hits this Saturday and Sunday, August 25th and 26th. DICE added a bonus to this weekend, however, likely as it seems very late in the month compared to their last double XP event. Every 5,000 players who share DICE's Facebook post about the event will increase its length by twelve hours up to a maximum of three days tacked on to this event, which could potentially turn it in to more of a double XP week, or just a really long weekend.

As of writing this, it's already above 20,000 shares for another two days automatically, but there's still more than enough time to bump that to 30,000 shares before it starts on Saturday.

Following that weekend on the 29th, both the exclusive Premium video and the concept art album will be made available on Battlelog. The video will show off gameplay of Armored Kill before it releases this September while the concept art album will be in downloadable form and is stated to have twenty-four high-res pieces that many of haven't been shown to the public before. A few can be seen above while DICE has another piece on their original post on the Battlefield Blog (link below), that appears to be of Scrapmetal, the recently added vertical-gameplay factory map from Close Quarters.

The last bit of Premium content we'll be getting this month is in the form of a community contest. DICE wants us to submit our idea for a new multiplayer map that for all we know could end up in the game through a later expansion or title update, or perhaps in Battlefield 4. The winner of the contest will get a limited edition Battlefield 3 lithograph signed by the entire crew at DICE, a great prize for a fan of their work.

My suggestion has its work already cut out for me though. I'd love to see End of the Line from Battlefield: Bad Company make a recurrence, complete with Tijuana Serenade opening tune and Radio Surf on at all times.


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