Massive Changes!


  • Dreamhack asked their fans what game they wanted to have a tourney in. 46% said BF3.
  • Apparently, BFP4F has a storyline now, along with a new map, Mynamar.
  • CQC, BFP, and a new patch on June 4th.
  • Colorblind support for consoles
  • M26 DART patch
  • Suppression fix
  • Add a symbol for custom servers!
  • Improved F35 preformance
  • To see the full change list, click here.
  • The FAMAS is what is causing the stats glitch....


  • A new BFFs is out! Linky!
  • Watch an epic Machinima, called ONE.
  • I finally get out of school on June 5th!

Well guys that is all I have for this week! Happy Battlefielding!

That is all I have for this week

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