Hello, I almost forgot about the news this week!


  • Close Quarters was released for PC and Xbox 360 premium members I even have links!
  • There will be a double XP this weekend, starting 12:01 AM Pacfic Standard Time on June 16, 2012 and will end 11:59 PM PST on June 17, 2012, for all members only! :) Linky Poo!
  • Nothing else happened


  • Project PTFO is over ( I think)
  • Someone posted the BF Premium Video #1 on YouTube....just wow. Linky

Well I think that is it for this week, once again I almost forgot to post this, so, Rampantlion513, singing out

(P.S. I got to talk to a marine today and he was really cool and he was wounded from a IED...also I got a scorechain today and the total was 513 points :) )

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