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BattleNews June 28th, 2012

Well, another weeek has passed, and that means BattleNews


  • Close Quarters was released to non Premium Members on XBOX360 and PC
  • The devs had a community evernt. They made it easier for PC nubs, as usual. It was for everything, though, but consoles got the normal short end of the stick.
  • Premium members will have a Double XP week, starting July 2 and ennding July 8.
  • Non premium members will have a Double XP weekend, Starting July 2nd and ending July 4th.

Wiki and wiki

  • Meh and Meh nothing has happened.
  • SO I will just fill this with random
  • more random
  • Oh yeah, nothing!

Well that is pretty lame news, becasue nothing happened. Bye until next week.

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