Hope you had a good week! The news:


  • Battlefield Premium was released, giving you new camos on (so far) the F2000, SCAR-H, PKP Pechneg, and the L96. It also gave you two new soldier camos, a new dog tag, the ability to unlock 5 new dog tags, and a new knife.
  • Early Access to Premium Members for Close Quarters was released, featuring 4 new maps, Donya Fortress, Ziba Tower (you can get a hidden trophy on this map by jumping off of the tower), Operation 925, and Scrapmetal. It also has 5 new dog tags and 10 new guns. Also, you get 3 new game modes, Conquest Domination (DOM) GunMaster (GM) and Team Death Match for Close Quarters (TDMC)
  • If you downloaded CQ from the in game store, the maps will not work. Click here for more information on how to fix it
  • A trailer was released for Battlefield Premium.
  • ===Armored Kill facts:===
  • All out vehicle warfare on four new maps
  • Includes the largest map in Battlefield history.
  • Five new vehicles, including an AC-130, BM-21s, ATVs, Strykers, and more.
  • Earn 20+ new unlocks for the vehicles.
  • New gamemode: Tank Superiority
  • Only five new assignments.
  • Source


  • The AUG, when equipped with an underbarred M320 Smoke is glitched somehow. (How do you glitch smoke? lol)
  • Nothing much happened.....
  • Oh yes! How did your 68th D-Day anniversary go? Did anyone in the US watch the marathon (or part of it) on the Military Channel?
  • Political Ads have started up. I would like to blow them all to Mars, let the aliens deal with the elections.

I belive that this is everything, see you new week! Bai!

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