I am back and ready for some news! Here we go!

Battlefield News

  • Battlefield Premium will be coming out June 4th. It will contain a new knife, new assignments, and some black dog tags (I prefer golden :| ) Yuri's Blog post, Here.
  • There are rumours spread around that there will be a 5th expansion pack coming out in March, 2013. I think this will be some Co-Op action. Zephalian's Blog, Here
  • There was a Double XP weekend this past weekend. Something happened with the PC version, so 2XP is set for the weekend of May 26th and 27th! Article on Battlefieldo
  • BREAKING NEWS (I actually had to edit this because it popped up AFTER I posted this orgininally) BC3 and Mirror's Edge 2 are coming! Article on Battlefieldo


  • Battlefieldo and many youtubers have teamed up to make Project PTFO. Basically, you register, then the youtubers get into pairs and you and 1 other lucky person plays a round of whatever you are playing. Whoever wins proceeds, and new subscribers are selected to play! Sign up here.
  • Battlefield Top Plays of the Week Episode 39 was posted. Look below!
  • Nothing else happened.


As usual, DICE posts videos every day (except weekends) on their battlefield facebook page. In case you missed any.....

Friday's Video

Battlefield Friends - Vehicle Spawn02:54

Battlefield Friends - Vehicle Spawn

Saturday's Video

Battlefield 3 Speed Art03:39

Battlefield 3 Speed Art

Monday's Video

Battlefield 3 - Superman00:26

Battlefield 3 - Superman

Tuesday's Video

Battlefield Patrol Ep04:54

Battlefield Patrol Ep.1 Violation Ignoring Objectives

Wednesday's Video

BF3 - Smart Attacking is Smart00:39

BF3 - Smart Attacking is Smart

Today's (Thurday, May 17, 2012) Video

Battlefield 3 - Flanking03:03

Battlefield 3 - Flanking

Battlefield's Facebook Page

Top Plays of the Week Episode 39 by bigMooney06

Battlefield Top Plays - Ep 39 - "Getting Smoked" by bigMooney06 (Battlefield 3 Gameplay Countdown)07:28

Battlefield Top Plays - Ep 39 - "Getting Smoked" by bigMooney06 (Battlefield 3 Gameplay Countdown)

This video is from YouTube and is covered by either YouTube's standard license (YouTube Terms and Conditions, Article 8) or by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
The uploader must take responsibility for its content.

Source: YouTube, see link below video

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