• Who: Premium members ONLY
  • Formats: All
  • Servers: Any Ranked
  • Game Modes: Any
  • Maps: All
  • What: Double XP for the weekend
  • When: See attached table

Here is the table

Start times for cities

It starts Sat. Jun 23 at 7:01 AM PDT and ends Mon. Jun 25 at 6:59 AM PDT

Unfortunately, DICE didn't leave and end time chart....but I don't care, do you!

Also, as stated, this is for Premium Members Only. So if you are not Premium and you do not get XP this is why. I thought that this XP weekend was great, I leveled up 3 times! Did you like it? Did you level up? If so, how many levels! Hang in there till Thursday, were you will have another news blog coming to you! Don't believe the Haters, ever!

Till Thursday (maybe before if there are small news events), This is your best source for news on the wiki, Rampantlion513, signing out!

P.S. You thought I forgot the source but I didn't I was saving it for last so here: Source Source 2 Source 3

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