• The Matches feature it live. You can set rosters, maps, the amount of games played, guns allowed, game modes, ticket count,Harcore/Normal, and all of the other normal server options are availible. You must have rented your own server to use for the Matches feature. More info #1 More info 2. Some pics on the Matches feature.
  • A new Premium video was released. It is a weapons guide for the Close Quarters DLC weapons.
  • A new Premium Soldier Upgrade was unlocked. F200 Specialist Pecheneg Specialist L96 Specialist SCAR-H Specialist and Only for the Dedicated. They include new camos for the F2000 , PKP Pecheneg , L96 , and SCAR-H . It also included a Three stripe camo for the RU and an Air Force Camo for the US .
  • A new Premium game guide for the Close Quarters DLC was released, featuring a 70 page PDF on tips, tricks, tactics, guides, information on game modes and weapons and more.
  • Some Armored Kill details have been released, they are the following:
    • All out vehicle warfare on four new maps.
    • Includes the biggest map in Battlefield history
    • New vehicles, including tanks, ATVs and mobile artillery.
    • Earn 20+ unlocks for the new vehicles in Armored Kill.
    • Bring back 5 new vehicle unlocks to the base game (and obviously BTK also)
    • New Tank Superiority Game Mode.
    • All maps will be playable in all six modes (Rush , Conquest , Squad Deathmatch , Team Deathmatch , Squad Rush and Tank Superiority)
    • No information has been unvieled relating to the new weapons that may or may not be included in the pack.

This is the end of the New York HQ Streamline News for July 12, 2012.


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