Welcome to the recently released New York HQ Streamline News Network. Here is the news troops.


  • Right now there is a double XP going on. Non premium players only have a little bit of time left. Premium players have the rest of the week.
  • The Premium video for July was released.
  • A Close Quarters Game Guide was released for Premium players. It is a 70 page PDF document that has tips on all Close Quarters maps, modes, and weapons.
  • Premium has 800,000 users after just 2 weeks. MP1st
  • Right now there is an Origin July 4th Sale and it has deals on everything including Premium. MP1st article.

Community and other things that might affect us.

  • We launched a news service, the Caspian Border Network. Go look at it.
  • Battlefieldo is having a Game Night. Read more about it, here.
  • We are working on getting the following services up to you troops on the Battlefield: Damavand Base Jump News, Metro Traffic Updates, and Tehran Highway Accidents.

Well troops, this is all General Flagg reports for us. You need to be at base safe next Thursday, because we will be making another brodcast. This is the New York HQ Streamline News Service broadcasting to you today, over and out.


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