Hi guys, Rampant here, and I have an idea! I think that the wiki should have a tournament. The players would join a wiki hosted squad rush server, requiring only 2 people to start. The following would be the obvious squad rush gameplay. post to join (unless you dont want to)


  • No PP19 Laser Sight KORBA Silencer, all other combos are fine
  • No Sniping
  • No M26 Dart

Other Info

  • One v. One
  • Wiki hosted server
  • Two person start
  • user specified time
  • other rules can be agreed upon at the beginning of the game
  • Follow rules. One warning before you are disqualified from that game
  • One round of gameplay
  • 3 games=one round
  • Best 2 of 3
  • Winner gets glory on the wiki

Winner also gets.....idk, you guys come up with it :)




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