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    July 19, 2012 by Rampantlion513

    I will be gone on vacation from July 21st - July 28th. Just remember, I am not dead!

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  • Rampantlion513
    • The Matches feature it live. You can set rosters, maps, the amount of games played, guns allowed, game modes, ticket count,Harcore/Normal, and all of the other normal server options are availible. You must have rented your own server to use for the Matches feature. More info #1 More info 2. Armored Kill] - retrieved 07/12/2012}}
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  • Rampantlion513

    Hello, Battlefielders. This comes strait from MP1st and the Battlefield Blog.

    Matches will allow players to set up competitive games with other players. You will also be able to change the date, time, game settings, and the players that will be allowed in (wouldnt want anyone stumbling into your game). To set up a match, you have to be renting a server at the time of the match, and you may not set up matches on DICE or other player's servers. Additionally, you can set up what weapons will be allowed, friendly fire, 3D spotting, squad-leader only spawning (the system where regular squad members are only able to spawn on the squad leader, while the squad leader can spawn on anyone in the squad), kill cams, and natural heath regeneration (heal…

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  • Rampantlion513

    Welcome to the recently released New York HQ Streamline News Network. Here is the news troops.

    • Right now there is a double XP going on. Non premium players only have a little bit of time left. Premium players have the rest of the week.
    • The Premium video for July was released.
    • A Close Quarters Game Guide was released for Premium players. It is a 70 page PDF document that has tips on all Close Quarters maps, modes, and weapons.
    • Premium has 800,000 users after just 2 weeks. MP1st
    • Right now there is an Origin July 4th Sale and it has deals on everything including Premium. MP1st article.

    • We launched a news service, the Caspian Border Network. Go look at it.
    • Battlefieldo is having a Game Night. Read more about it, here.
    • We are working on getting the fol…

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  • Rampantlion513

    Well, another weeek has passed, and that means BattleNews

    • Close Quarters was released to non Premium Members on XBOX360 and PC
    • The devs had a community evernt. They made it easier for PC nubs, as usual. It was for everything, though, but consoles got the normal short end of the stick.
    • Premium members will have a Double XP week, starting July 2 and ennding July 8.
    • Non premium members will have a Double XP weekend, Starting July 2nd and ending July 4th.

    • Meh and Meh nothing has happened.
    • SO I will just fill this with random
    • more random
    • Oh yeah, nothing!

    Well that is pretty lame news, becasue nothing happened. Bye until next week.

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