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    So a new battlefield game is being made and usually I would be happy to see the finished product but I'm not feeling overwhelming joy here rather a sense of overwhelming dread knowing that electronic arts has been known to kill off memorable franchises.

    • Cough* West Wood Studios's generals 2 *Cough*

    And being such a huge fan of real time strategy I would play countless hours of skirmish day in and day out hell I had my moments when my tanks would punch through a mech column or mass groups of soldiers dying by the hundreds to secure a spot on the map.

    Aside from me talking about RTS games, I wanna know from you if battlefield 5 is going to be either Dice's saving grace or its executioner once it hits the shelves because last time I checked how …

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  • RebornDan

    Battlefield Players?

    January 27, 2016 by RebornDan

    So are there still any battlefield players still playing battlefield and managing the battlefield wiki because I was wanting to make sure that all the current information hasn't been tampered with or altered by that wikia wide hacking incident since I lost my account Dan67 since it wasn't email protected.

    I gotten back into the battlefield games after playing hardline for free during its timed promotional on consoles. Also I wanted to make a blog criticing battlefield hardline's lack of content but now when I think about it some things are best not discussed.

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