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  • Recon1medic

    Marlowe SF Operator

    April 13, 2010 by Recon1medic

    I know i have changed Preston's page a few times to change something about speculation that he was in Special Forces or some othe spec ops roup. i think it's just kids speculating but i have the bullet for implausibility up. if anyone has a comment on this read my bullet point and leave a comment please. (keep it clean and courteous)

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  • Recon1medic

    I've been seeing a few trivia quotes on a couple of pages saying BF:BC2 levels are a reference to or based on MW2 levels. I think that it is just user speculation and personal thought and shouldn't be put up on the pages. There's nothing supporting any references to MW2 except for the heartbeat monitior and snowmobile jokes. Anybody got an idea or something to say please do so.

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