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  • Redkite

    Hey guys, it's Redkite again, I haven't done a update in a while but I'm gonna' start again and bringing something new. I've always done and shared my ideas but I want to show a new idea. I've always had the idea to make a YouTube series where I'd share some Battlefield 3 tactics for players/squads to use but I haven't really good the commentary voice so starting in maybe a week or so time, I'll be starting a blog series sharing some tactics to use in Battlefield 3 exclusivley on the Battlefield wiki, they will include video and photographic examples and they will be a weekly series. I hope the feedback sounds good so I may proceed to strat work on the project, please give me some feedback or whether it sounds good?

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  • Redkite

    Hey guys, it's Redkite again, just inserting another blog post by helicopter for you guys to take a look at and discuss..

    Battlefield 3 comes with your standard package of a singleplayer (SP), multiplayer (MP) and a special mode which is in this case, co-op. Although the multiplayer is a significant feature which has actually taken the lead in popularity against the singleplayer, it's down to the singleplayer to give a solo mode where the player can game in a different way.

    A few things have always grabbed me when I've played the singeplayer, but the problems really do stick out and that's what I'm going to cover. The most siginificant problems to me are..

    • Glitchy faults like character models not processing properly and floating idoly in the ai…

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  • Redkite

    Hey all, it's Redkite again with another blog just sharing my thoughts with you awesome guys on this wiki.

    I've always had a few ideas bugging me on Battlefield. I've already shared a few like new teams, weapon DLC's and new classes but there's always been one that has made me curious.

    I'm sure I'm joined with quite a few players here when I say that there is nothing more satisfying than a knife take-down kill from behind, espically those motherf***ers whom have spawn killed you or the same player that has killed you over and over because he is using some stupidly over-powered class.

    There's no doubt people like to be unique when they game in multiplayer, people have there preferences and likes, dislikes and don'ts but would the re-defining c…

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  • Redkite

    Two New Ideas

    June 29, 2012 by Redkite

    Hey guys, it's Redkite again. I've been on holiday for the last week or so but I've returned and it had given me plently of time to produce some ideas and this time I'm returning with two.

    Well, the first of my ideas is fairly small but major. Three components make up the Battlefield 3 DLC's we purchase and enjoy:

    1. New Maps
    2. New Vehciles
    3. New Weapons

    ​What I'm focusing on for idea #1 is weapons. Players receive six to eight weapons in DLC's like Karkland and Close Quarters, what I'm getting at here is maybe weapon only DLC's. These are basically small DLC's that would appear up on the purchasing area like the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store that contain only weapons.

    Weapons are a major influence on how the gaming experience is for players in…

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  • Redkite

    Hey guys, it's Redkite again and I have a serious question, am I the only one who is a victim of air kamikaze attacks?

    Earlier today I was playing on the Gulf of Oman , it's a big ticket game so I was on there for a while and I had been flying the UH-1Y Venom on the US Team. I headed over to Olive Fort to try and get some assists for a randomer gunner as a dense infantry and IFV battle was raging there, I arrived at Olive Fort slightly damaged due to a stray missile from a Su-35 and landed at Olive Fort carefully to see if a engineer would kindly repair my Heuy, I waited then luck was on my side as one approached my Heuy and fixed it for me, at this point a dense air fight was happening, I decided to take off since I had another randomer on …

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