Hello all, I'm Redkite525 and before you wonder, yes.. I am new, I saw that Dan67 had posted one of his idea's too share it with his fellow Battlefielders and I wanted to do the same since I've always had one thing bugging me above the rest when I play maps like Operation Métro and Seine Crossing.

The Idea

Right, for those geographical people out there, you'll know Métro and Seine are maps based in France. I think the initial story behind why it takes place on this map is World War 3's braking out, Russia invades France, US go on the counter-attack.. anyway, Battlefield seems to show not even the slighest mobalisation of French forces at any point in either of these maps, no blown up French tanks, shot down French choppers, not even French jets in the sky? The French would not sit back and watch the US do their work, seriously.

US Marines in the sub system on Operation Metro.

What I'm getting at is maybe for future maps, we see another team taking on Russian Ground Forces? Or the host of servers with the map Métro and Seine having the choice between the US and the Armée de Terre (French Army), that's an oppitunity to bring out a weapon DLC for the Armée de Terre and other stuff while there at it which would probably mean lots of buyers wanting new weapons, the Armée de Terre use weapons like FR F2 sniper rifle and SIG Sauer Pro and of cource the legendary FAMAS, the FR F2 and SIG could easily be Battlefield-ed and throw in some other French weapons, vehicles, tanks, jets, helicopters? It's possible and easy. Maybe stick the French stuff in with a DLC with some other stuff and it's probably buyable, I would for one.

1011254 f520

British army troops, they could be given a Battlefield look.

It dosen't just have to be the lovely French though, World War 3 on this scale between the US and Russia would potentionally see the mobalisation of other nations like British Forces to back up the US. That presents the oppitunity for again.. New weapons, tanks, vehicles, jets, helicopters.. (Return of the Apache) and the list goes on.

I just get abit sick of the old 'US vs. Russia' idea since chances are, it's not going to happen, the US and Russia are closer than before and are even going into space together, more real-time warfare is stuff like China and North Korea, Russia has been used for quite a while now.. Maybe it's time to just let off?

Anyway.. Comment what you think of another team in a future DLC, what team would you like? what weapons and vehicles would it bring? or anything else you think worth stating,

Redkite out.

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