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    The hidden class of BF3

    September 13, 2013 by S3blapin

    I want to create this blog post in order to explain my thought on classes in Battlefield 3. A lot of people think that there are only 4 classes in this game.

    But in reality, there’s a lot of way to play in battlefield 3, and a lot of those classes are unknown. Every main class can be played various manners, giving birth to numerous subclass

    I will try to explain those subclasses.

    (I remind you that i'm french and that my english can be more or less approxymate. So if there is some.... problem or something else, say it and i will try to correct it

    MAIN CLASSE: Assault

    Medic: (Assault rifle, defibrillator, medikit)

    It is the most common way of playing Assault. You can revive your teammate, heal them, and fight well in every combat. You can use ever…

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