From what I see, any Dog Tags that you take from knifing other players from behind aren't really that usable--for a lot of them, you actually still have to unlock them. Now, I can see this is partly so people don't "steal" other people's achivements and show them off as their own, but I can't help but think there should be something more for those Dog Tags rather then be a neat little collection of dead men's names. Here's an idea of mine.

What if, DICE made all Dog Tags you take from other players possible to use, but to show that they were taken from other players, they are shown as blood-stained Dog Tags?

Seriously, that could be a nice way of showing who you managed to get the jump on, from someone who's gotten 1,000 headshots, to the leader of some important clan, to a DICE employee (all examples). I would personally like to see blood-stained Dog Tags so we could actually put the Dog Tags we take from other players to some use.

Comments? (I'm a little new here, by the way, so bear with me)

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