Remember that story I was writing a while back? Yeah, I've done some stuff, written a few things and I have some ideas, but I'm having a problem: I have no originality for characters.

So, I'd thought I'd let you guys create them. Interested? If you are, go ahead and make something along these lines:


Nickname: (Optional)

Suggestion of rank: (Nothing higher than captain. Also I make the final decision on rank, so if you didn't get the rank you wanted, sorry. I wouldn't change anything unless I need to for the telling of the story.)


Weapons: (Anything you want really, as long as it isn't too old (nothing beyond WWII)


Short bio: (Optional)

Your guy can have enemy weapons, but since the main enemies are Mongols, I was thinking I'd create fictional weapons and guns. Also, I said it would follow a group of Quebec soldiers, well, I wasn't too sure of that, since it might be complicated since I'm pretty much leaving the characters up to you, and I think I'm the only one who truly knows much about French Canadian stuff, so yeah... I'll leave that up to you too. Although, I'd be making plenty of different fronts, so different characters eventually.

That's all, comment away!...

Admin SSD 天皇陛下萬歳! 15:18, July 3, 2010 (UTC)

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