Hmm, so when I started to play Battlefield, I really did like DICE. Why? Because they released free updates, maps, even game modes for Bad Company! They also sold a really fun game, Battlefield 1943, for only 15$! When they were doing multiple efforts to get BFBC2 right, like releasing a BETA, I could really see that DICE cared about the community. Now... this. At first I thought 5$ for the SPECACT DLC (which was only a bit over 100kb in size) was a bit excessive for barely any new weapons and only some fancy looking uniforms, that I barely even use anymore. Ok, maybe Onslaught for 10$ is reasonable too. But selling KIT UNLOCKS for 20$?! What the fuck?! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Even more ridiculous than a 15$ map pack for MW2.

I do not like this idea, especially since it will only contribute more to "newbies" having the better weapons in the game already.

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