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  • I live in United States of America
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am female
  • Kerri Amber

    So today, my whole 8th grade class had a field trip. On the way back from said trip, I was sitting in front of two girls, one of them is one of my close friends girlfriend. Now, about halfway through the ride, I was laying lengthwise across the seat, and had my arm on the headrest. The girl who isn't dating anyone asks if she can see my hand for a second. I, not thinking, say yes. She then takes my hand, and I'm not exagerating when I say this, PUT IT ON MY CLOSE FRIENDS GF'S RIGHT BREAST. I, being me, once I realized what she did, ripped my hand away, but it was already done. Whats even worse is, they asked me if I enjoyed it. I said no of course, but the girl, who was, well, violated, seemed appalled I didn't enjoy it. . Now, of course, h…

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  • Kerri Amber

    Well, I had to write a poem for English class, and all I could think about was what has been going on the CoDwiki, and it partially inspired the following poem, titled The Great Debate. Hope you like it!

    The great debate begins.

    The two debaters sit at tables opposite each other,

    Giving their evil eye to one another.

    It starts formally, with simple arguments and rebuttals,

    But it does not stay that way for long.

    Soon, their blood starts to boil,

    Anger welling up inside.

    They begin to shake their fists, raise their voices,

    Trying to prove their points.

    They begin to yell, out of turn,

    To the amazement of the crowd.

    Soon, they start throwing papers,

    Acting as if they escaped from an asylum.

    The anger between them only intensifies,

    Until, it is no longer a …

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  • Kerri Amber


    May 30, 2010 by Kerri Amber

    Bondpedia's blog just reminded me of something. I'm going to be semi-active for a few weeks, due to family troubles. Once I'm back from said troubles, I will be active later in the night, due to me being a semi-counselor at a local Boys and Girls Club (LIT to those of you who go there). 404 Error File Not Found Please Try Again

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    May 10, 2010 by Kerri Amber

    Since there seems to be some weirdness going on here regarding the FavIcon, I'm gonna post a vid of what I'm seeing on my comp screen, just to show you guys what I'm seeing, and so I can test out hypercam 3. I'll post it in a few minutes, just gotta make it.

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  • Kerri Amber

    Does anyone have any tips on how to use the assault kit effectively? I know the whole "fire your gun in short bursts" shpeel, but what other good strategies are out there? The assault kit is the only one I haven't unlocked a second weapon for, and I want to, esp. since my next unlock is the XM8, which looks sexier than my mother (no joke).

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