Well, I had to write a poem for English class, and all I could think about was what has been going on the CoDwiki, and it partially inspired the following poem, titled The Great Debate. Hope you like it!

The Great Debate

The great debate begins.

The two debaters sit at tables opposite each other,

Giving their evil eye to one another.

It starts formally, with simple arguments and rebuttals,

But it does not stay that way for long.

Soon, their blood starts to boil,

Anger welling up inside.

They begin to shake their fists, raise their voices,

Trying to prove their points.

They begin to yell, out of turn,

To the amazement of the crowd.

Soon, they start throwing papers,

Acting as if they escaped from an asylum.

The anger between them only intensifies,

Until, it is no longer a debate.

It is a war.

They vault over the tables, and go to the middle of the floor.

They begin throwing punches and kicks,

Trying to dominate one another.

Nothing can pull them away from this,

Until, they alone, realize their stupidity.

Once the war is over,

They go back, like nothing has happened,

And sit back at their tables.

Once again, for the second time today,

The great debate begins.