I have been playing Battlefield bad Company 2 for a while now and in the urban environments i always notice the recon units going to very popular positions. For instance in Panama Canal snipers on the roof of control point C, now i know that these are not too bad spots but they are far too well known. Some sniper always has his patient careful watch on these points i always wonder why? Also with many other snipers or other Kits up on the roof firing off RPG's or LMG's is sure to attract the attention of other Sniper's or people rushing to pursue the objective under your boots.

I might be wrong here but is it not common sense to go away from this death-trap spot when the bullets start flying and the 120mm cannon of the enemy's MBT is bearing down on you. But what is more confusing after this player has been filled with enough "hole's" he re-spawns at the same location to go back to the same spot walking right into that snipers cross-hair's. But normally i see considerate for the team's reinforcement ticket Recon unit sneak into a derelict warehouse and hide amongst rubble in the shadows do incredibly well, All because of his spot and his sense waiting for the helpless victim to walk into his line of sight and wait for the enemy sniper to give his position away. This is a good tactic that normally excels in the game. From here onwards you can Ambush/Stalk/Destroy Vehicles/ and take objectives.

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