This is my personal beta experience on the field

  • My curently level is five
  • fav class is the engineer, so I'll be the engi.

Unlocks so Far(engineer)

you first start out (at level one) with the default faction weapons and launcher

Faction default's

  • Russia
    • AKS-74U
    • MP-443 Grach
    • Blowtorch
    • RPG-7V2
    • SA-18 IGLA (unlockable)
  • USMC
    • M4A1
    • M9
    • Blowtorch
    • SMAW
    • FIM-92 "stinger" (unlockable)


Note:I'm A level 5 still.

Your first weapons are default weapons. You start off with a AT rocket. And carbine. Both have fully auto and semi auto capabilities. The AKS-74U has a bipod, if I may add. The first weapons are AA launchers, which are in theory in OP metro next to useless since no ariel targets are available in the map. So if on op metro, use the AT launchers there somewhat useful.

Also the attachments there is a forgrip for decrease recoil. And a bipod for the AKS-74U which is IMO is ok. And the flashlight, yes I havent played with this POS yet.

Weapons and Specs

  • 870 MCS is the first shotty unlocked at lvl 2
  • Sprint spec allows you to run faster unlock at lvl 3
  • G17 is the second pistol unlocked at lvl 4
  • Ammo(real creative name) spec allows you to carry more ammo

My Opinions on The Beta

I thought it was bad at first but it isn't bad. My K/d and score are always good and I'm usually know what to do. However there can't be a Beta without bugs. Disconnection from the server is always a problem for me. But other then that its pretty good I have good hopes for this game.

Final score 4.6/5

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