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Naval Strike Weapons Revealed

Played a little Battlefield 4 and noticed some changes for the main screen and that it's an Essex carrier and a destroyer on fire. But that's not why where here correct?

Anywho logging on firing range I noticed there was a new assault rifle I hadn't unlocked. Checking the other classes I noticed there's 5 guns and two gadget.

Here are the new weapons and gadgets revealed by a PS3/PS4 Update for Battlefield 4: Naval Strike.

Assault Rifle





  • SW40
  • ROF:Semi Automatic
  • round: .357 Magnum
  • Magazine: 6
  • Assignment: Curve Ball


  • M320 3GL - Basically this thing fires three smaller 40mm Grenades doing less damage
  • Assignment: Multi Tool
  • You can view all 10 new assignments here

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