Well, I decided to have a more interaction with the community. So I decided to make a blog every week to discuss things about Battlefield 4. Today I considered best gun, until I relised we never learned abotu what maps we hate and why. All game modes are allowed (mines will be the TDM maps).

Heres my List:

Flood zone- A snipers haven, it seems every time in a TDM match there is a guy who camps with the 50. at the edge of the map, no matter what, the rooftops are just potshots and everyone is on the roof with claymores. Assaults mostly just spray at long range and I constantly take damage from guys with M240 bipods and the games take 15 minutes and its a waste of boost (for those who arnt familiar the average TDM games takes 10 minutes).

Dawnbreaker- A god forsaken fight at long range. Mostly in ends up with the team where the actual embassy flag is mostly sitting at the back with Snipers and assaults, the left (if facing towards the bridge flag) ends up being a sniper haven with shit just flying everywhere.

Operation Locker- Quoting from a famous WW1 German song "grenades explode all around us". Shotguns run rampant and it seems its always a fight for the center of the map. Predictable places to run to and most of the time its just BS when the infirmary is just a big campfest.

Siege of Shanghai- One of the Maps I would rather leave then play. Nowadays it seems that the guys sit on top with claymores and M240s. Sniping is rather difficult cause you get shot more often. The mall itself is just chaos cause it ends up with majority team sitting on top of the staircases with claymores, tugs ect.

Note: Comments can have profanity. Just make sure you don't over do it.

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