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What your expecting and changes in patch 1.05

Hello Friends, nieghbors and children. I am here to tell you the changes in patch 1.05.

This blog will tell new maps and game modes, changes in menu ect. (Gameplay will not be covered)

Maps/Game Modes

Game modes

  • DOM (Domination)
  • GM (Gun Mastrt)
  • TDMC (Team deathmatch close quaters)

Changes in menu:

The In-game store has new look, splited into three categories

  • Feutured
  • All
  • Premium

Changes in the menu and options.

  • BFP is added in giant orange colors between Co-op and My Soldiers
  • For our Colorblind Battlefield players. DICE decided to add an option of color-blind option, changing the Light blue (Friendly) to a darkish blue and orange (enemy) to a dark red and light green (Your squad) into a darkish green.

Weapons(Attachments TBH)

NOTE: All premium users have the special ability to put camo on your weapons.

  • The RPK-74 loses its extended mags and is given to the M27IAR (increased ammo to 60 from 45).
  • BTW for you M320/GP-30 Whores lovers are gonna get a new type of ammo. M320 LVG (Low Velocity Grenade), currently we dont know what it does.

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