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  • Soldierscuzzy

    With the release of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, Battlefield fans got to try out hectic indoors battles. Another franchise is very familiar with that style of gameplay: Counter-Strike. So which game has better chaotic gameplay, gun selection, and maps? Battlefield 3: Close Quarters or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

    Both of these series really shine when you have no idea what is around the next corner. It could be a friend, or it could be a terrorist with a huge pack of C4. So, which game get's your heart pumping more?

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  • Soldierscuzzy

    Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have been competing for being the premier shooter for quite some time now, and both games have their die-hard fans who want to see the other fail just as much as their game dominate. So who ends up on top? Let's break both games down to their core components.

    Both games came out for the same consoles (with MW3 also coming out on Wii) so one would think that this category would be a wash, but not so. Battlefield 3 really shines on the PC, and unfortunately, that is where most of the hiccups were. Many people experienced issues with the hosting service from EA, Origin. This included being dropped from multiplayer matchmaking as well as just buying the game and installing it. Most copies of MW3 …

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  • Soldierscuzzy

    The folks over at The Gadget Show have created one of the coolest things I have ever seen: a fully immersive Battlefield simulator. With a full 360 degree view, a treadmill, modified Kinect sensor, and paintball guns, this may be the most life-like gaming experience of all time. The entire video is below. If you want to skip ahead to the final product, skip ahead to around 9:30.

    Is this something you would want to try out? I know I would! Let us know in the comments!

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