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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters vs. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

With the release of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, Battlefield fans got to try out hectic indoors battles.
BF3 Close Quarters Poster
Another franchise is very familiar with that style of gameplay: Counter-Strike. So which game has better chaotic gameplay, gun selection, and maps? Battlefield 3: Close Quarters or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Chaotic gameplay

Both of these series really shine when you have no idea what is around the next corner. It could be a friend, or it could be a terrorist with a huge pack of C4. So, which game get's your heart pumping more?

Which game has more chaotic gameplay?

The poll was created at 23:52 on July 23, 2012, and so far 47 people voted.

Gun Selection

Both games feature a wide variety of awesome weaponry. But which one packs the bigger punch? Battlefield's class-based arsenal or Counter-Strike's free-for-all gun fest?

Which game has the better arsenal?

The poll was created at 23:52 on July 23, 2012, and so far 32 people voted.


What would a shooter be without it's map selection? Battlefield 3 has it's new maps, all set in Tehran. Counter-Strike has it's classics, including Dust2, Aztec, and Office. Which game's map selection do you find superior?

Which game has better maps?

The poll was created at 23:52 on July 23, 2012, and so far 34 people voted.

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