• Son of a Magnet

    I've read a lot of disdainful dismissal of BC2's Magnum Ammo Specialization here. Some say it's noobish, that it's a waste of a specialization slot; some say it makes killing too easy, and that a truly skillful player will make better use of other specializations for the benefit of his team. I haven't heard any such denigration of the Marksman Training Specialization, another specialization that could fill that same slot. Is Marksman Training not as "noobish"? Does it not convey as much of an advantage as Magnum Ammo? I don't intend to explore the appropriateness of these specializations for any particular kits; I'm just going to take a short look at the mathematics of the situation to compare the two.

    At first glance, it would seem like it'…

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  • Son of a Magnet

    I assume that the purpose of hardcore mode is to make the game "more realistic" and "less arcadey", which, if you ask me, is totally cool. I agree with most of the game-hardening options therein:

    1. Easier to kill? Yes. In real life, a single bullet, even from a low-powered weapon like a 9mm pistol is often enough to stop people forever.
    2. No automatic health regeneration? Again, this seems plenty realistic, and also an encouragement to rely on teammate support.
    3. No kill cam? This actually makes snipers worthwhile.
    4. Friendly fire? Not only is this realistic, and discouraging of unconsidered use of grenades and irritating, retarded shit like hiding C4 by flags, but it also encourages idiots to not run in front of you while you're trying to shoot someo…
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