M1 Garand Bayonet

    June 10, 2010 by TBE xGHOSTx

    I was browsing the internet, and I found this page on yahoo answers, which says that the bayonet for the Garand can be unlocked by:

    • Reaching rank 50
    • Scoring 5000 kills with the Garand

    I'm not sure if this is true, but it sure would be nice, if not a bit time-consuming.

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    The Hind Heist!

    May 21, 2010 by TBE xGHOSTx

    Yesterday, I finally got the hang of flying heli's in BC2, so me and another guy from TBE went into rush on Isla inocentes to get some more flying experience. We were attacking, so we got a black hawk, me as pilot and my friend as gunner. We circled the map taking out snipers (damn them) and infantry while our guys armed the M-COMs. I used flares to dodge missiles, and my friend was an engineer, so I would fly us to a safe distance, so he could repair us from the passenger seat. We managed to not get shot down at all until we pushed the russians back to the artillery deployment. After flying the Blackhawk there for a bit, we decided to nick the Hind, which was surprisingly easy. Our Hind was shot twice, but every time, we bailed out, hid, …

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    There's a few pages on the wikia which don't have the complete stats for weapons (damage, fire rate, etc) and I was wondering if anyone actually knows what they are, because I don't. I've been bored, so I started making a stats table for all the weapons in BC2, but I've got some bits missing:

    USAS 12 Auto - damage for slugs

    M1911 - Damage and fire rate

    MP-443 - Fire rate

    M93R - Damage and fire rate

    If anyone knows what these are please let me know, thanks.

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    Ok, so I was really bored today, and I randomy worked out the damage per second of every gun, and how long you have to shoot someone before they keel over and die.

    Kill time is N/A for sniper rifles (except the VSS) because you only take 1 shot (maybe 2), so it's normally instant. Blue denotes that it has the highest DPS (damage per second) of that class.

    I haven't completed the All Kits section because some of the bits of info I needed weren't on the wiki, so I need to try and work them out. I made some pretty graphs too, but I'm too lazy to post them.

    Damage Min Damage Max Fire Rate Max DPS Ave Damage Ave DPS Kill time (s)
    Assault AEK-971 14.3 14.3 800 190.6667 14.3 190.6667 0.524475524
    XM8 P 14.3 16.7 750 208.75 15.5 193.75 0.516129032

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    In BFBC2, which is the best rifle for extreme, long range headshots, and why?

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