Yesterday, I finally got the hang of flying heli's in BC2, so me and another guy from TBE went into rush on Isla inocentes to get some more flying experience. We were attacking, so we got a black hawk, me as pilot and my friend as gunner. We circled the map taking out snipers (damn them) and infantry while our guys armed the M-COMs. I used flares to dodge missiles, and my friend was an engineer, so I would fly us to a safe distance, so he could repair us from the passenger seat. We managed to not get shot down at all until we pushed the russians back to the artillery deployment. After flying the Blackhawk there for a bit, we decided to nick the Hind, which was surprisingly easy. Our Hind was shot twice, but every time, we bailed out, hid, and stole the Hind again when it respawned! When our team won, my friend had around 46 kills, 4 deaths. I had 3 kills one death, because I was only piloting, although I smoked a few russians going for the Hind. The kills didn't really matter anyway, because I got 50 points for squad driver assit anyway!

It was probably the most fun I've had on BC2, and we were laughing our heads of when we nicked the Hind, and the enemy team sent us loads of hate mail.

In the game after, everyone on the enemy team had left - Mission Acomplished!

If anyone else has awesome Battlefield stories, let me hear 'em!

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