• The--Red--Devil

    I saw a few blogs on things we wanted to see in future DLC's or games but never had many thoughts about it but I think I have quite a good idea now.

    I think a good addition to Battlefield would be a new game mode that combines Co-Op gameplay and multiplayer. It would involve a four man squad being tasked to complete a mission, much like the single player but their is no real set structure. By doing a covert Operation (my name for my idea) you could get tasked with assassinating a HVI, destroying objectives, reconing an area, escaping from behind enemy lines, sabotage, hostage rescue etc and will play the objective on a randomly generated MP map against AI enemies. That way you never know what you are going to get and it makes the gaming mor…

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  • The--Red--Devil

    At present my favouiteFPS is B3 but despite my love for it I can't help but notice some really really shocking, crippling problems (that are easily forgiven).


    1. The plot, what the fuck i that?: It is never said why Solomon is doing what he is doing, without reading the Russian we have no idea who he is, we don't know why he works for the Americans and no one seems to care.....
    2. Subtitles: The subs, specifficaly in the Russian missions, have no name next to the speaker so we don't know who is speaking.
    3. The Ending for Blackburn: Dima's ending is a cliffhanger and we get lots of info from that. Russia wants to bring him in and Diam is having none of it, war was averted, France got fucked, etc, but what happened to Blackburn? He just looks at…
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