I saw a few blogs on things we wanted to see in future DLC's or games but never had many thoughts about it but I think I have quite a good idea now.

I think a good addition to Battlefield would be a new game mode that combines Co-Op gameplay and multiplayer. It would involve a four man squad being tasked to complete a mission, much like the single player but their is no real set structure. By doing a covert Operation (my name for my idea) you could get tasked with assassinating a HVI, destroying objectives, reconing an area, escaping from behind enemy lines, sabotage, hostage rescue etc and will play the objective on a randomly generated MP map against AI enemies. That way you never know what you are going to get and it makes the gaming more varied and hopefully exciting.

I'll give you an example.

Mission: Assassinate a HVI located in the mountain base of Damavand Peak.

Synopsis: You start by selecting your kit, baring in mind that your choice of weapon and class could drastically effect the outcome, and then you parachute into the top of the map. You can either stealthily enter the area or go in all guns blazing. Either way once the HVI is dead you have to exfiltrate to the top of the map or fight your way to a new location and pop smoke and have to set up a defensive perimeter as you await for extraction. Of course if you have remained hidden throughout you just have to hope you don't get caught now. Once extracted the mission is complete and you gain XP.

If you balls the mission up and the HVI realises you are trying to kill him, he will attempt to flee. You will then have to chase him through the map and kill his guards.

Another example:

Mission: Rescue a downed crew of an A-10 Thunderbolt and destroy the wreckage before the enemy can unlock its secrets on the map Kharg Island.

Once again you choose your class but given the enviroment you can choose your insertion method such as seaborne or airborne landings (or you can of course choose to have some members of you squad in a jet to quickly destroy the wreckage).

Fight through the map with lots of firepower to support you because of Kharg islands size or stealthily go in and out without a noise being made until the jet is terminated. Now you again have a choice. Stick together and tackle one objective at a time or split up and do the mission faster but with added risk. Once completed you will be extracted again and gain more XP if the crew survive.

Opinions on my idea?

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