At present my favouiteFPS is B3 but despite my love for it I can't help but notice some really really shocking, crippling problems (that are easily forgiven).


  1. The plot, what the fuck i that?: It is never said why Solomon is doing what he is doing, without reading the Russian we have no idea who he is, we don't know why he works for the Americans and no one seems to care.....
  2. Subtitles: The subs, specifficaly in the Russian missions, have no name next to the speaker so we don't know who is speaking.
  3. The Ending for Blackburn: Dima's ending is a cliffhanger and we get lots of info from that. Russia wants to bring him in and Diam is having none of it, war was averted, France got fucked, etc, but what happened to Blackburn? He just looks at the nuke and it cuts to black with sirens in the background. Even MW's notorious cliffhangers gave us some snippets of information like the news broadcast at the end of COD 4 and Nikolai the flying taxi coming to the rescue t the end of MW2.
  4. Dima is a nuclear bunker secretely: Somehow Dima escapes Paris without being killed by a Nuke. Just no.
  5. Vladamir's story line: Countless forums have gone up saying he must still be alive becuase he was in the mission Kaffarov. And then some disgruntled user has to sigh and make him STFU.


  1. Elitism at its worst: I like a good challenge and think the ground warfare elitism (i.e. if you're a higher rank you're a tank) but the jets are crap. Unless you got it early and got all the missiles and flares then you have a very low chance of getting a fair number of kills in one.
  2. No one shot one kill sniper rifles: You cannot stand up to an L96 or an M40A5 and especially not a Barret!
  3. 0% health left: I've seen and been a player who has been damaged to a 0% health level yet still survived! Annoying and very unfair.

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