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  • TheAmazingBBP

    I took a dozen and a half screenshots from the newest Battlefield 4 trailer, "Paracel Storm". Watch it here.  I'll leave the news post regarding this trailer to someone else, as I'm unsure of the format and all that.

    The trailer itself gives us our first look at jets, scout helicopters, the new BF4 map 'Paracel Storm', and many other things.

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  • TheAmazingBBP


    Now, onto the news. Just announced on the Battlelog news, among other places, the next three expansion packs for Battlefield 3 have been announced.

    Coming June 2012, Battlefield 3: Close Quarters will be released, featuring multiple, well, close-quarters themed maps focused on tight infantry combat, featuring new weapons and maps.

    Also announced, coming in Fall 2012, is Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, an expansion themed on vehicular combat.

    Lastly, Battlefield: End Game was announced. No details about this were released, other than that you can expect it in winter of 2012 (If the world doesn't end. Maybe that's why they called it that.)

    So, what does this mean? It means that the long-awaited DLC Announceme…

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    BF3 Private Servers

    February 28, 2012 by TheAmazingBBP

    Hello. Today I want to talk on the subject of Private Matches. I have seen numerous threads on battlelog asking for private matches. Now, I see Mods responding to these threads far more than others, saying things like these:

    It irks me that they ask us that. They included Private matches in BFBC2. They included them in 1943. I don't see why they need to know our motive for wanting a perfectly good feature that previous BF games had. If they're worried about boosting, they could easily make private matches unranked. What bothers me even more is that once they post in a thread, they never come back and acknowledge any of the responses to their question. I mean, assuming they even do look at the responses (If they don't, I would need another b…

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Battlefield for Mac

    September 5, 2011 by TheAmazingBBP

    Hey guys, I haven't really written a blog in a while, which is a good thing in some ways. Anyway, I am happy to say that I have pre-ordered Battlefield 3 for PS3.

    Anyway, on to my main topic. I have a Mac. I use Facebook on my Mac. I watch youtube on my Mac. I edit on my Mac. Anyway, one of the big things I DON'T do on my Mac is play good video games. So, I am wondering, what BF games are there for Mac? I know of BF1942, but that's about it. I think I may have heard that 2142 runs on Mac as well. Anyway, what good games are there and which should I get, if any? I will most likely be using Christmas money to get it. Anyway, I am also thinking of getting an HD-PVR, which would most likely also require my Christmas money. Anyway, what should I…

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Yep. We should.

    So what is it that we should totally frikken do?

    I'm talking about a Battlefield 1943 machinima. It would be about a Battle on Wake Island. I have never seen a BF1943 movie ever, so we should be the first. We're the battlefield wiki, so it would be fitting. It will calm my creative nerves and at the same time, gain us some hopeful publicity. It would be done in a private match, of course. I would need a bunch of special skilled people, however.

    1. I would require a bunch of Japanese extras (By Jpanese extras, I mean players to play the role of the enemy forces, not actual Asian people)
    2. I'll need some good voice actors for Americans.
    3. I'll need a few people to figure out hw to fire rockets at long range. By long range, I mean like fr…
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