Hello. Today I want to talk on the subject of Private Matches. I have seen numerous threads on battlelog asking for private matches. Now, I see Mods responding to these threads far more than others, saying things like these:

"Our developers are still looking into the possibilities of private servers for consoles. We are still looking into what users would use them for. What might you guys do with them if you had access to private servers?"

— Link2888 (Battlelog Moderator)

It irks me that they ask us that. They included Private matches in BFBC2. They included them in 1943. I don't see why they need to know our motive for wanting a perfectly good feature that previous BF games had. If they're worried about boosting, they could easily make private matches unranked. What bothers me even more is that once they post in a thread, they never come back and acknowledge any of the responses to their question. I mean, assuming they even do look at the responses (If they don't, I would need another blog post to rant about it), they should let us know that our feedback is being reviewed. It takes less than a minute (It took me around 15-20 seconds) to type, "Thanks for the feedback, guys! We'll use this information." and post it. I'd like to have SOME indication that our ideas are being looked at.

"You guys post the same question(s) on every thread dealing with private servers, and everyone is giving very similar answers. What more do you need? Is it not obvious [what we would use them for]?"

— Me, in response to Link2888

Nearly everyone is saying they want to do it for clan matches and to practice with vehicles. I, personally, would like to use it to explore maps, create strategies for maps, and experiment with certain stuff, in addition to the above. Some people also want it for making Machinimas.

I'd like to know what you guys think about this. I personally would love private matches to be added, but it bothers me that they have to ask us what we would do with them.

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