Hey guys, I haven't really written a blog in a while, which is a good thing in some ways. Anyway, I am happy to say that I have pre-ordered Battlefield 3 for PS3.

Anyway, on to my main topic. I have a Mac. I use Facebook on my Mac. I watch youtube on my Mac. I edit on my Mac. Anyway, one of the big things I DON'T do on my Mac is play good video games. So, I am wondering, what BF games are there for Mac? I know of BF1942, but that's about it. I think I may have heard that 2142 runs on Mac as well. Anyway, what good games are there and which should I get, if any? I will most likely be using Christmas money to get it. Anyway, I am also thinking of getting an HD-PVR, which would most likely also require my Christmas money. Anyway, what should I do?

Please enjoy this picture below.


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