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Hey, little kids! I'm going to teach you how to SUICIDE QUAD! YAYYYYYYY


You will need:

How to position the C4

Place one block on each headlamp, one on each taillight, and one on each side of the seat of the All-Terrain Vehicle.

How to find your target

Drive around until you find a victim.

What to do next

Drive into your victim, but switch to the backseat before the collision. As soon as you collide, reward yourself with a fiery death, as well as points in that life and in the next.

Helpful tips

If you have a friend with C4, have him place C4 on the vehicle then ride on the back. This will double the amount of explosives on the ATV and will also grant both you and your friend a fiery transition to your next life.

Now you know how to Suicide Quad. I expect more tanks to die now.

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