This is where multiple tactics will be placed regarding light land vehicles, as well as seacraft.


I would say the best tactic regarding squads would be the heavy armor tactic. This involves having 4 people in a light vehicle, with the following specs:

  • One should have the electronic warfare package, preventing the vehicle from being destroyed by alerting the player to enemies and explosives.
  • Another should have improved warheads, which will increase the damage of the machine gun.
  • The third should have active armor, giving the vehicle greater health.
  • The fourth should have the quick reload package, decreasing the cool-down time for the MG, if i am correct.

This will all go towards the power of the vehicle, making it super-sturdy (Armor, electronics), and the MG super powerful (Reload, warhead, this will have even more power if magnum ammo is used.) The person in the back should be an engineer, so he can repair the vehicle and give it a slight fighting chance against tanks.

This same tactic can be used with CAV buggies, and will benifit the grenade launcher the most. This will make the buggy much more powerful, though it is much easier for troops to just shoot you, without blowing up the buggy.


The PBL is special. 2 grenade launchers, a passenger seat, and a driver seat. I recommend using the armor tactic above, and the one player in the passenger seat use an RPG or LMG. This will let you sustain lots of fire. Also, don't just beach your seacraft. If you are done with it, then blow it up so it respawns back at base. Once again, the passenger should be an engineer, so the vehicle fares better against armor. The specs should be similar to the HMMVW's specs.

Quad bike/Jet ski

These are essentially the same things, but one is for land, the other, water. The best tactic to defeat enemies is to have the person on the back be an engineer, and use the RPG-7 or M2 CG. He will Use his RPG on foot soldiers, as he won't get a clear shot on them with his submachine gun. The driver just has to keep the vehicle moving. And again, with the jetski, don't beach it. If you re done with it, leave it in the water for the other person. If they leave it, then blow it up. Also, at least one person should have the active armor spec, this will protect the boat itself. However, as said above, you can just be shot out of it, or the explosive will directly kill you, instead of indirectly by being in the vehicle when it is destroyed.

Well, i guess that wraps it up for light vehicles.

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