I know this is the battlefield wiki, but I find the general gameplay of MoH and Battlefield to be the same. Anyway, I have a cool idea for Medal of Honor: Vietnam (Assuming they ever make it). It will have CoD4/WaW relationship with Medal of Honor 2010 (Different games, different eras, same engines and similar layout). Anyway, heer you are.



First to fight, last to leave. O yea.

USMC: Rifleman

  • AR: M16A1
  • Veteran AR: M14A1 (Basically the M14 Assault in BC2V with the stock, pistol grip, and bipod of Black Ops's M14)
  • MG: Stoner MG (Box Mag)
  • Veteran MG: M60
  • GL: Thumper

USMC: Special Forces

  • SMG (Actually a carbine): CAR-15
  • Veteran SMG: MAC-10
  • Shotgun: R870
  • Veteran Shotgun: R11-48
  • Launcher: M72 LAW

USMC: Marksman

  • Battle Rifle: M1 Carbine
  • Veteran Battle Rifle: M21
  • Bolt-Action: Model 70
  • Veteran Bolt-Action: M40A1
  • Explosive: C4


  • Pistol: M1911
  • Veteran Pistol: Browning Hi-Power


Teh commie ppl

NVA: Foot Soldier

  • AR: AK-47
  • Veteran AR: StG44
  • MG: RPK
  • Veteran MG: RPD
  • GL: Thumper

NVA: Scout

  • SMG: PPSh
  • Veteran SMG: Uzi
  • Shotgun: M1897 Trench Gun
  • Veteran Shotgun: Double-Barrel Shotgun
  • Launcher: B-40 (RPG-2)

NVA: Guerilla

  • Battle Rifle: SKS
  • Veteran Battle Rifle: SVD63
  • Bolt-Action: Mauser 98K
  • Veteran Bolt-Action: Mosin-Nagant
  • Explosive: Satchel


  • Pistol: TT-33
  • Veteran Pistol: Makarov PM

Both Factions

  • AR: (Please think of one)
  • MG: Degtyaryov DP
  • SMG: M1A1 Thompson
  • Shotgun: Ithica 37
  • Battle Rifle: FN FAL
  • Bolt-Action: M1903
  • Pistol: .357 Magnum Revolver


Rail Slot

  • Iron sights (Unavailable for Battle/Bolt-Action Rifles)
  • Light Zoom Scope (Replaces Red dot, lots of peripheral vision)
  • Combat Scope (Unavailable for Shotguns)
  • Sniper Scope (Only available for Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles)
  • High Power Scope (Only available for Bolt-Action Rifles)

Barrel Slot

  • Issue Barrel - Regular barrel.
  • Suppressor (Not available on MGs or Bolt-Action Rifles) - Decreased Damage and Range for Stealth abilities.
  • Specialized barrel (Not available for LMGs or Battle rifles) - Increased accuracy (Bolt-action)/ Increased accuracy at the expense of range (Everything else).
  • Muzzle Brake (Only available for MGs) - Reduced muzzle flash at the expense of accuracy.

Magazine Slot

  • Regular Magazine
  • Extra magazine - One extra magazine.
  • Slugs/Open Tip Ammo - Increased damage. One less magazine than normal.


  • Ia Drang Valley
  • Phu Bai Valley
  • Hill 137
  • Hamburger Hill
  • Saigon
  • Hue City
  • DMZ
  • Mekong Delta


  • T-65 (Tank)
  • M48 Patton (Tank)
  • DShK HMG (Mounted MG)
  • M2 .50 HMG (Mounted MG)

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