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I have this sick obsession (with blogging, but also) with using a certain side's guns when i am on a certain side (Like using the XM8 when i am US and the AEK when i'm RU). But, it becomes problematic when i want things quickly, like helicopters. So, i made a cool solution. I will pretend I am a mercenary, being paid to kill for a certain team, only taking side with those who reward me more. It would be a cool idea for a battlefield fanfic, but I have my hands way too full. So, I decided to make a thing. It is where you post your mercenary classes. Pardon me for seeming weird. Here is mine:

Assault 1

  • AUG w/ M203 (The GL)
  • M1911
  • The Ammo Box

Assault 2

  • M1A1 Thompson (Figured a US kit would have the M14)
  • M1911 (OMG WWII CLASS)
  • C4 (Not anymore)(Hey, that rhymes!)(Aren't I messed up?)(Now, i think it's a Vietnam class!!!)(OMG)

Engineer 1

  • UZI
  • Tracer Dart
  • M2 Carl Gustav

Engineer 2

  • SPAS-12
  • M1911
  • ATM-00 AT Mines

Medic 1

  • T88 LMG
  • M1911
  • Defribilator

Medic 2

  • MG36
  • M1911
  • Defribilator

Recon 1

  • GOL Sniper Magnum
  • M9-3R
  • Mortar Strike

Recon 2

  • SVU
  • M9-3R
  • C4

Well, there ya go, now make your own, if you feel like it.

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