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I think it would be cool if they made a battlefield game in WWII using BC2's engine, with a few changes, such as only unlocking 6 weapons per kit, not 7, and the removal of IFVs (BMD/Bradley type vehicles)



Assault has a semi-auto rifle with rifle grenades, and an ammo box. Assaults with a soldier primary will have TNT instead of a rifle grenade.

  • M1 Garand
  • Type 5
  • Gewehr 43
  • SVT-40
  • AVS-36
  • M1A1 carbine


The engineer has a rocket launcher or set of mines, a no-longer-silenced SMG, and a wrench to replace the power tool.

  • Sten
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • Type 100
  • MP40
  • Modello 1938
  • PPSh-41
  • Panzerschrek (RL)
  • M9A1 (RL)
  • Panzerfaust (RL)
  • Mines


The medic has an automatic rifle instead of an LMG (2 exceptions), a syringe instead of defribilators, and a medkit.

  • Bren
  • B.A.R.
  • FG42
  • Type 96 (Call of Duty: World at War's Type 99)
  • Breda 30 (Exception 1)
  • Russian DP machine gun (Exception 2)


The Recon has 2 hidden cameras (Motion sensors), a bolt-action sniper rifle with a 5x scope, and either TNT or binoculars for mortar strikes.

  • M1903 Springfield
  • Type 99 Arisaka
  • Karabiner 98k
  • Lee-enfield Mk.4
  • Carcano M38
  • Mosin-Nagant M91/30

Non-kit specific



  • M1897 trench gun
  • Double-barrel shotgun
  • Browning Auto-5
  • Ithica 37
  • MP44 Assault rifle
  • M2 Flamethrower

Secondaries (Pistols):

  • M1911 .45
  • Walther P38
  • Nambu Type 14
  • Tokarev TT-33
  • Webley Revolver
  • Flare gun (Replaces Tracer dart. It will mark enemies but it does not enable lock-on. However, direct impact with a footsoldier will kill, and it is much more noticeable than a tracer dart.)


Specialization slot 1:

  • Grenade upgrade (All kits)
  • Explosive equipment upgrade (All kits, medic excluded)
  • Ammo upgrade (All kits)
  • Medkit heal upgrade (Medic kit)
  • Lightweight kit upgrade (All kits)
  • 8x scope upgrade (Recon kit, replaces 12x scope)
  • Upgraded iron sights (All kits, replaces red dot, does not change from weapon to weapon)

Specialization slot 2:

  • Improved demolitions (All kits)
  • Magnum ammo (All kits)
  • Body armor upgrade (All kits)
  • Spotting scope (Recon kit)
  • Marksman training (All kits, recon excluded)
  • Medkit range upgrade (Medic kit)



  • Type 97 Chi-Ha (Japan)
  • Panzer IV (Germany)
  • Crusader (Britain)
  • T-34 II (Russia)
  • M4 Sherman (USA)

Light vehicles

  • Type 95 Kurogane (Japan)
  • Willys MB (USA, Britain)
  • Kubelwagen (Germany)
  • GAZ-67 (Russia)
  • Landing craft (USA, Japan)[Naval vessel]
  • Inflatable Motorboats (All)[Naval vessel]


  • A6M Zero (Japan)
  • F4U Corsair (USA)
  • Spitfire V (Britain)
  • Me-109E (Germany)
  • MiG-3 (Russia)


  • AA gun (All)
  • MG42 (Germany)
  • M1919 Browning .30 Cal (USA)
  • Type 92 HMG (Japan)
  • Vickers gun (Britain)
  • SG-43 HMG (Russia)


  • Armor upgrade
  • Smoke countermeasures upgrade
  • Alternate weapon upgrade
  • Quick reload upgrade
  • Increased magnification upgrade
  • Hidden camera upgrade
  • Heavy warhead upgrade

Game modes

  • Rush: Same as regular, but with other stuff.
  • Conquest: Same.
  • Squad rush: Same.
  • Squad deathmatch: Same.


  • Guadacanal: US vs. Japan.
  • El Alamein (Though only the size of atacama desert or arica harbor): Britain vs. Germany.
  • Iwo Jima: US vs. Japan.
  • Berlin: Russia vs. Germany.
  • Stalingrad: Russia vs. Germany.
  • Coral Sea: US vs. Japan.
  • Midway: US vs. Japan.
  • Moscow: Russia vs. Germany.
  • Normany (Not the initial invasion, allies have the beaches, axis has a town further inland): US/Britain (This means there will be a choice of british or US if put on allies, there will be some of both faction's vehicles) vs. Germany.
  • China: US vs. Japan. First US-Japan map with major ground combat. (Yes, there was no offensive. It is more like a spec ops force in china.)
  • Bulge (Battle of the bulge): US/Britain vs. Germany.
  • Tripoli: Britain vs. Germany.
  • Sicily: Britain vs. Germany. (Germany includes German AND italian forces)
  • Rome: Britain VS. Germany.
  • Tarawa: US vs. Japan.
  • Kursk: Russia vs. Germany.
  • Wake Island: US vs. Japan.


Please answer the following in a comment.

  • Luger or P38?
  • Do you know any more shotguns from WWII?
  • Any types of IFVs used in WWII? It has to be used by all sides to be used in game. What types of half-tracks were used?
  • Do you have a better idea for a motion sensor replacement than "Hidden camera?"
  • I still need to work on maps and other stuff, so don't ask me about it.

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