Yep. We should.

So what is it that we should totally frikken do?

I'm talking about a Battlefield 1943 machinima. It would be about a Battle on Wake Island. I have never seen a BF1943 movie ever, so we should be the first. We're the battlefield wiki, so it would be fitting. It will calm my creative nerves and at the same time, gain us some hopeful publicity. It would be done in a private match, of course. I would need a bunch of special skilled people, however.

  1. I would require a bunch of Japanese extras (By Jpanese extras, I mean players to play the role of the enemy forces, not actual Asian people)
  2. I'll need some good voice actors for Americans.
  3. I'll need a few people to figure out hw to fire rockets at long range. By long range, I mean like from one carrier to the other.
  4. I'll need good pilots who can drop bombs perfectly on target.
  5. I'm going to need some people who are good with AA guns.
  6. Lastly, I would have to have someone with a Capture card.
  7. This is on PS3. Everyone should have Battlefield 1943 (For those PS3 players who don't, buy it. It's only 10 bucks.)

Yeah. I am now going to play some BF1943 and get the Wake Island info. I've got that covered.

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