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    Hey guys, I've got some promising news.

    Looks like the spring patch will actually be coming in spring! Horray!

    Today DICE carried out 1 hour of scheduled downtime so they can prepare the backend services for the upcoming patch. Looking through the @Battlelog Twitter feed, some tweets are indicating the patch is actually in certification with Sony and Microsoft.

    "The patch is currently going through certification and should be available soon after passing we'll let you know ASAP!"

    This means the patch has already been completed by DICE and has been packaged and pushed through to the console devs to do some quality analysis and stability tests. As soon as that is complete (it could take anywhere between 1 and 3 week(s) from date of submission, if …

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  • The Z

    Hi everyone, Z here once again. This time, it's some news!

    Today DICE posted a Battlelog announcement saying that a fix is inbound for the MG36 and QBU-88 bug on Back to Karkand maps. The fix will be included in a new version of the Back to Karkand DLC which will be made available tomorrow (13th March 2012). The fix is applied by re-downloading the DLC.

    At the time of writing, this has only been confirmed for the PS3 system.

    This fix relates to a confirmed bug with two DLC weapons (the MG36 and QBU-88) that are displayed incorrectly whilst playing on the Back to Karkand maps. The weapon and arms models are misaligned - much higher than for other weapons - blocking the player's view, even when aiming down sights, making kills very difficult.


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  • The Z

    Hello, there! Z here with yet another outpour of thoughts that may or may not interest random people on the Internet (aka a blog post).

    Having had a quick but careful read through the latest Battlefield 3 tweaks list , destined for the next patch, I've come to a number of conclusions about how it would change gameplay and what I'm personally happy and not so happy about. Bear in mind this is a quick writeup of the things that stood out most when I read through the list.

    I originally wrote this as a comment on AnonymousTom's Full Tweaks list news post, but it quickly got too wordy to post there.

    I may write another blog post in the future analysing what the changes will bring to gameplay, but also geared towards those who don't want to read the …

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  • The Z

    Hey everyone, Z here, with another rant blog post about Battlefield 3!

    Something strange seems to have happened since the release of Battlefield 3. The standard of players who play Battlefield has gone down massively! It's actually saddening to see some of these people play. Yesterday, it almost brought a tear to my eye.

    Allow me to clarify something. My play style does not rely on me going 35-2. I'm not that sort of player. If I want to do that, I play CoD. I'm a person who uses vehicles and attacks objectives in an aggressive manner whilst trying to flank and outmanoeuvre the opponent. For this I NEED players to support me. I need squadmates to spawn on me when I'm preparing to capture, or I'm behind enemy lines. I'm not the most accurate wi…

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  • The Z

    Hi everyone, Z here, with another blog post (woo!)

    (If you guys have anything you'd like me to add to this list, let me know in the comments or on my talk page, I may send a link to this page to DICE or at least post it to Getsatisfaction or the Battlelog forums so they can see what the community is unhappy about (it's a lot!))

    Now I, myself, have been quite vocal about problems with Battlefield 3 on the BF3 Getsatisfaction site, writing a few things many essays about what DICE need to fix in the game, with the hope that someone from the dev team will read what I've written and take it into account.

    As much as I respect DICE as a developer and as much as I love their work, I have noticed a few steps back from the BF games of old as well as many n…

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