Hey guys, I've got some promising news.

Looks like the spring patch will actually be coming in spring! Horray!

Today DICE carried out 1 hour of scheduled downtime so they can prepare the backend services for the upcoming patch. Looking through the @Battlelog Twitter feed, some tweets are indicating the patch is actually in certification with Sony and Microsoft.

"The patch is currently going through certification and should be available soon after passing we'll let you know ASAP!"

This means the patch has already been completed by DICE and has been packaged and pushed through to the console devs to do some quality analysis and stability tests. As soon as that is complete (it could take anywhere between 1 and 3 week(s) from date of submission, if no serious problems arise) the patch will automatically appear the next time the game is started, or, if the game is already running, the next time you try to connect to EA Online (open the Multiplayer menu, try to join a friend, or access the friends list. There's currently no indication of when the patch was actually submitted.

All the best. See you on the Battlefield.

Z, out.

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